Paddy Hinton, Historical School Visitor

Paddy Hinton, BA (Hons) History

Historical School Visitor

 Peter de Mauley

Based in Ripon in North Yorkshire, Paddy Hinton is available for visits to schools and organisations across the north of England and can provide customised schedules to match your requirements.

Weapons demonstrations

A school visit from a Viking, Saxon or Knight can bring a class topic to life without the need to travel. Class interaction is a key part of learning with opportunities to touch and feel objects that were present in the lives of those in the middle ages and a range of activities that will provide an educational experience that is both engaging and inspiring. My visits are ideal as an introduction to your topics or can be tailored to fit in with your planned activities. As part of “The Vikings” re-enactment society, I am fully insured, DBS checked and can provide risk assessments and materials to support the visit, including activity sheets, background briefings and ideas for children to participate in the day.

Disc brooch

My specialist knowledge comes from over 20 years as a reenactor providing public demonstrations for Viking, Saxon and Medieval Knight Foot Tournaments. I use Gripping History resources that are designed by teachers to provide a meaningful learning experience for EYFS through to Key Stage 3 to enhance my visits.